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Final Results Dissemination to Project Sponsors - Carnegie Corporation of New York and DRGT

E-Governance: Enhancing public service delivery through Quality Assessment of E-services

Rationale: "The existence and application of digital assessment instruments, tools and methods increase the likelihood of success of digital governance, as well as digital transformation initiatives at different levels (i.e local, regional, national, international) and in different domains of the public sector (i.e utilities, healthcare, education, agriculture, justice,security, environmental planning, immigration, revenue collection, investment, tourism and more" - (ICEGOV, 2021). Click to view more e-government services).
Research Project Objectives

To determine the factors in order to establish requirements for a model for quality assessment of e-services in resource constrained environments.

To design a conceptual model that can be used to assess the quality of e-services in resource constrained environments.

To develop a prototype to implement the model and validate the conceptual model for quality assessment of e-services in resource constrained environments.

Relevant Project Updates

1. Consultative webinar on the e-GEA and the e-GIF Development

The Government of Uganda, through the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) held a consultative webinar on the on going development of the e-Government Enterprise Architecture (e-GEA) and the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) with the Estonian consultants from E-Governance Academy ( to discuss the roadmap for the project. Follow the link to view the webinar resources. (04/12/2020)

2. Stake holder Consultative Webinar on the e-Government interoperability framework (e-GIF).

A 2nd e-Government Enterprise Architecture (e-GEA) and Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) workshop with key stakeholders was held on 11th February 2021. The objective was to review the results of the Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) and Local Governments (LGs) survey & Regulatory and Policy Framework review to obtain any additional inputs or concerns for the e-Government Interoperability Framework. This was organised by NITA-U and the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance (MoICT&NG) with the Estonian consultants from E-Governance Academy ( Follow the link to view the webinar resources

3. Draft Uganda e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF).

Following the stakeholder engagement workshop that was held on 11th February 2021, NITA-U together with the e-Governance Academy have developed the draft e-Government Interoperability Framework. The framework will guide the interagency sharing and re-use of data and systems integration to promote smarter rollout of smart e-services across government. (6th March - 2021). NITA - U invited comments on the developed draft before its finalization. Together with the consultants from e-Governance Academy, NITA-U will be contacting you to offer any support in understanding the document if needed or the other way around.
Follow the Link to the Draft - e- GIF resources

1. Draft Uganda e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) [PDF]
2. Draft eGIF overview [PPT]

4. The e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF)

Working with the Estonian Consultants from the eGovAcademy, The National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U) developed the Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) and E-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) to facilitate the delivery of integrated services between various Government entities and support optimal use of infrastructure aligned to the needs of Government.

  1. Uganda e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF)
  2. e-Government Interoperability Framework Reference Architecture
  3. Government Enterprise Architecture: Implementation and Transition Plan
  4. Regulatory and policy environment review (eGIF)
  5. GoU eGovernment Web Application Security Architecture Framework
  6. Web Application Security Architecture Toolkit

    Link to the Presentation Resources

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Final Results Dissemination Workshop to the Project Sponsors: Carnegie Corporation of NewYork and DRGT Digital Transformation Consultant Shafiq Lutaaya discusses the Digital Uganda Vision in an interview with Digital Security Consultant Marvin Alinaitwe Mr Shafiq Lutaaya Talks Uganda Digital Transformation Programme in an Interview with Timothy Wasike Lutaaya Shafiq discusses the Digital Uganda Vision with Wasike Timothy Shafiq discusses the 2040 Digital Uganda Vision - He never goes in to lose. UG-HUB - Integration of e-government services all across the country. Integration of e-government services all across the country. Uganda's Outstanding Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) and Local Governments (LGs) in E-service Delivery. Estonia, the Country of the Future: 99.9% of e-services in Estonia are online, Estonia is a knwoledge society. Lutaaya Shafiq

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School of Computing & Informatics Technology.

The Impact Research Project team (SECA Project)
# Team Member Designation / Credentials Research Interests Publications Presentations
1 Prof. Gilbert Maiga (Mentor) Dean, and Associate Professor, School of Computing & Informatics Technology (SCIT), Makerere University. Professor of Information Management Systems. Member, the Admissions Committee, Makerere University,- Member, Board of Research & Graduate Training, Makerere University. e-governance, e-Government, electronic service quality,e-health, e-services, Health informatics, Biomedical ontology and Knowledge Management, Information Systems Evaluation, Web-based Information Systems,adoption and use of Telemedicine for Healthcare, systems theory, medical informatics, EMR, interoperability . See Publications here Presentations
2 Dr. Aminah Zawedde (Principal Investigator) Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information & Communications Technology and National Guidance (MoICT&NG), Director on the Board of Directors- National Information Technology Authority, Uganda, (NITA-U), Non-Executive Director, DFCU Group, Senior Researcher,SCIT, MUK e-services, e-government, e-governance, e-health,research, modelling for decision support, process improvement, system integration and capacity building, information systems security and audit, systems modelling, system dynamics, data analytics ICT4D. See Publications here See Presentations here
3 Mr. Lutaaya Shafiq (Technical Lead) Applications Developer - National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), Co-founder and Director: - Vice President, Next Generation Technology (NGX),- Director, Kira Young Investors Co.Ltd (Business Registration No: 80020000017324), , Co-founder, Forum Dare e-services, e-governance, e-service quality, service quality, e-service quality assessment, design science research, e-government, federal enterprise architecture framework (FEAF) , e-government interoperability framework, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) See Publication here See Presentations here
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